My city is beautiful ❤️ #mtl #montreal #rooftopviews

I have reached the over baking stage of finals… Someone hide all my ingredients please…

3 exams left, and even if this is my final exam, it scares me so much…

Made my bb cactus a home 🌵

Use my #karmaloop #repcode nssiempre for discounts on sick brands

If you have not already check out @sophiesucree they have amazing vegan and also some gluten free options ❤️#vegan #veganmtl

#veganmtl  #vegan  

I made a new friend today, @mellapointe you are no longer needed 🌵

After a year of being VP, today I am stepping down to have more time to concentrate on incawasi. It was an amazing experience working and developing international development projects with these volunteers and I truly wish them the best this summer.

Woke up my family this morning to a surprise of vegan blueberry pancakes ❤️🍴 #vegan


Best study snack from @sophiesucree ❤️ #vegan #veganmtl

#veganmtl  #vegan  

Not the best quality photo, but last night at the north south reunion/spaghetti dinner, I got a selfie with Fred Jones! One of the funniest and most politically involved teacher I have ever had! It was nice to see the ns family last night!

That study flow causes boredom📚📖✏️

Happy birthday to my main woman, my best friend! ❤️🎉 I cannot even express how much she means to me! Love ya @mellapointe

Perfect way to spend a saturday afternoon, baseball is back in Montreal! ⚾️